How to Use Content for a Travel Marketing Comeback


Friday, March 26, 2021 8:41 PM

A recent report released by eMarketer + Dentsu states that worldwide travel and transport ad sales are expected to grow by nearly 30% this year, the highest out of any industry. As the hope of vaccination season restores consumer confidence, how are brands employing content marketing strategies to drive stronger COVID recovery; specifically, when it comes to converting pent-up interest in travel destinations into actual stays, or increasing membership sign-ups for transportation services?

Our friends over at BVK just put out their list of “Travel Insights,” which shows that the main priority for travel in 2021 is focused on family. 41% of individuals surveyed said that they travel to visit friends and family has become “much more” important to them (source: Wunderman Thompson), and over a third (37%) said their definition of “meaningful” travel has changed to focus more on time with loved ones. With all of the pent-up demand from the pandemic, 1 out of 4 travelers are prioritizing family time + trips this year.

With over 130M vaccines administered to-date here in the United States, people are eager to get their PC (post-COVID) life going and travel outside of their homes. This in turn has recently increased both inquiries and bookings for travel advisors and suppliers around the country. And although the uptick in business hasn’t brought the travel industry close to pre-pandemic levels, there is a widespread belief that the positive trajectory will continue. How can brands and travel marketers leverage content to capture the attention of their audience and turn it into tangible ROI? The answer – content marketing powered by AI.

We’ve put together below some best practices when it comes to content marketing AI, which include:

-The current state of travel content marketing

-How travel marketers can best utilize content marketing

-The success we’ve seen helping travel brands utilize AI-powered content marketing during COVID-19

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