The Case Study that got inPowered Awarded as Finalist for Best Use of Content With AI

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has named inPowered 2020 finalist for “Best Use of Content Involving AI” at the 2020 Content Marketing Awards 

For our 2020 CMA entry, we worked with a major Fortune 500 financial services company to increase positive brand awareness and consideration by promoting owned content from their lifestyle-focused Content Hub. Since employing AI-powered content marketing, brands have seen users spending over a minute on their articles and videos and a 2.27% call-to-action (CTR). When you measure “engagement” versus “clicks,” companies are actually able to evaluate ROI and the impact of promoted campaigns; analyzing data and which combination of variants delivers the best engagement for each piece of content distributed. The aforementioned financial client campaign resulted in:

  • Cost per Page View: $1.04, compared to $4 without AI (data from prior native partner client was utilizing)
  • Time Spent on Site: 95 seconds, compared to 14 seconds without AI (data from prior native partner client was utilizing)
  • Positive Consideration: 78.1% with AI

Strategically, content marketing should positively impact consumers decisions at each stage of the customer journey. By implementing AI-powered content marketing, brands are able to create a connected, non-siloed, full-funnel content marketing approach to deliver awareness, consideration, tangible business outcomes and real ROI from their campaigns.

“One of the favorite parts of my job is getting to review some of the most innovative, inspiring, successful content marketing programs in the world each year for the Content Marketing Awards,” shares Stephanie Stahl, general manager, Content Marketing Institute. “The quality of work we’ve seen with this year’s contenders is just off the charts. The industry has come a long way over the last 10 plus years and it’s gratifying to see companies and businesses not only embracing what we’ve been preaching but that they are seeing so much success with their content marketing efforts.”

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