The Case Study that Lead inPowered to Become a Finalist at the 2020 Digiday Tech Awards – Best Content Marketing Platform


Friday, October 9, 2020 9:40 PM

This week was full of exciting news for team inPowered – Finalists were announced for the 2020 Digiday Tech Awards, and inPowered made the list for “Best Content Marketing Platform!” Today we’re breaking down what this entry entailed, and why brands should employ AI-powered content marketing to see real ROI with their campaigns.

Simply put – clicks don’t deliver tangible business outcomes. Did you know that 66% of clicks bounce, and content has on average a cost of $4 per-pageview? With these metrics there’s not much for marketers to show for besides traffic.

With inPowered, it all starts with a goal – what is your brand specifically trying to achieve thru content marketing? We focus on specific KPI’s before launching the campaign, including:

  • Engagement: Maximizing avg. time spent on site
  • Consideration: Maximizing positive consideration
  • Email Capture and Lead Gen: Maximizing email capture rates and capturing pre-qualified leads
  • High-Value Website Actions: Maximizing the call-to-action CTR

Once this business outcome has been established, inPowered’s AI is then able to find the exact audience to deliver this goal, all at the most cost-effective price:

  1. First our AI scans each piece of content to gain an understanding of what it’s about.
  2. Based on this initial scan, the AI is able to predict the ideal audiences and channels for distribution.
  3. The AI uses these predictions to test thousands of permutations at once, ensuring the most effective content, copy and imagery is being promoted.
  4. Outcomes are continuously optimized for the best results possible.
  5. AI also controls the cost and keeps it capped at a max cost-per-engagement.

When using AI-powered content marketing, our clients have been able to achieve real business impact:

  • 4X reduction in cost-per-page view and 7X increase in time spent on site (Major US Bank)
  • 55% reduction in retargeting cost-per-lead (B2B Tech Company)
  • 6X higher email sign-up rate (Tourism Board)

Since working with inPowered, brands have seen (on average) users spending over a minute on their articles, and videos and a 2.27% call-to-action CTR. When you measure “engagement” versus “clicks,” companies are actually able to evaluate ROI and the impact of promoted campaigns; analyzing data and which combination of variants delivers the best engagement for each piece of content distributed.

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